About Me

Hey there,

I love the fact that you pushed this button, and wanted to know more about me. I honestly thought that know one ever bothered with these pages, but you've proved me wrong :)

I'm Kylie Dee or just plain Kylie (and no i'm not named after the minogue type) i'm 24, childless (must be the only one at this age i'm sure) and i graduated in July and i work in education in a special needs school for complex children. I stumbled into it last year after a few years of mainstream schools and am there for the long haul. I drive, have all my own teeth and hair and am completely besotted to my staffie dog, flash.

I love all things beauty, crafty and fashion. Although i am not an kind of expert in any of these subjets.I have no fashion sense, i'm lazy in the beauty department and i tend to start crafty projects and then never finish them.

I am the first to admit to the fact i am fat or 'big boned' and that is who i have been for the majority of my life. I am a size 18 and find shopping in high street stores a pain in the arse. Topshop, mango and zara are just a few that are out of my sizing range, where new look, primark and H&M are in! I am forever on a diet and searching for the best plus size dresses out there.

I wanted to start blogging for my own personal stuff. I kinda got into a rut and wanted something to keep me entertained. I had been lurking on blogs for quite a while but didn't have any confidence in actually commenting. I have now found this confidence, and i am making some fab friends through this blogging malarky.

Right well this is the most writing i have done in one go since leaving uni, and my poor little fingers are worn to the bone. So i am going to love you and leave you.