Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Is blogging for me? Well, we will soon find out!

I'm a self confessed blog lurker. I read furiously everyday to a select few, and get really excited when i stumble upon a new, interesting blog. I've never left any comments on any, probably through to shyness of the whole blogger world. I don't quite understand 'how' blogs work, or how you get people to read them. This is something i'm hoping will become clearer as the times go on.

So a little about me and what i hope to achieve from this blog...

I don't have a 'genre' that i'm particulary interested in or will be blogging about everyday, and i have no idea where this blog is going but here's to my first post, hopefully the first of many!
  • I love pretty dresses, although being a fatty, well fitting ones are hard to find, follow me in my quest for the ever perfect dress.
  • I'm a teacher (ish) all will become clear as the time goes on i'm sure.
  • I'm giant-eqse tall (5ft 11) and love high heels but don't have the confidence to wear them.
  • I'm usually skint! which is really depressing when i love buying pretty things.
  • Following on from that i love finding bargains, which i will share (if your lucky)
  • I only have to look at a designer handbag to break it.
  • I'm reviving my love for all things crafty, Including dressmaking (yep i'm trying to make THE perfect dress!)
  • I live in a tiny rural yet coastal village in the middle of nowhere with the boy and a staffie called Flash Gordon

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