Friday, 7 January 2011

life that if Kylie

Lets start with what i've been upto...

Had a lovely 2 and a bit weeks off holiday over christmas (thank you school holidays!!) Was not ready or prepared to enter the world of work again on Tuesday. Work was the usual stress, We've got ofstead hanging over our heads, even though we are an outstanding school. This will be my first ever ofstead i've had to contend with (i've always managed to be ill or not there) and i can honestly say it is the most petrifying thing to me. Yes everything is upto date, but still...A strange person coming to observe how you work...AHHHHHH

Had a friend over tonight, managed to get the boy to cook for us, which was a first on all accounts..and edible! Plans for the weekends, involve doing very little, except maybe a little planning.

Kylie Dee


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