Saturday, 16 April 2011

Flutter like a butterfly, Dream like you can fly + Day 6

Hiya lovelies, how are you all? I am feeling a little bit worse for wear, after a few too many vodkas last night. Note to self, if you haven't drank for a month, you will be a billy lightweight and it will hurt! Just been down to a lil cafe on the beach for a fry up (only place to eat on a Saturday!) It was either going to kill or cure, and i don't think it's done either!

I'm feeling rather old at the moment, and have been reminiscing about being 18 again, where i was out every night, honestly i don't miss it! I miss getting dolled up, the whole getting ready routine, where me & my sis would share a bottle of lambrini while doing our make up etc, how classy of us :) Still to this day, i love lambrini.

So yesterday daytime i spent the day in my pjs, watching crappy tv, online shopping & cooking chops with minted gravy, it was rather delish, i sat at our new dining table to eat, again i felt like a proper grown up!

Oh yeah check out my new hair, well when i say new, all i have done is chuck a dark red dye on it again.

H&M paint in Blue, Stickers via ebay, Collection 2000 top coat

me & a couple of beauts!
(What i wore -Primark butterfly top, H&M bodycon skirt, F&F leggings, TU belt, RI Necklace, H&M rings, stupid expression - my own!)

Day 6 - A hairstyle you would like to have
I love everything about this hair, from the colour to the cut to the length. It's slightly ombered with a ginger tint and looks so shiny! In fact i want to steal it and glue it onto my hair, then maybe just maybe i would look like Miss Fox.

Also because i realise that, that hair above is not too far away from my hair (minus the spilt ends, but it's long & brown) i've chosen another style i would love if only i was a little braver!

I will tell you all a little secret - I am Petrified, yes PETRIFIED of the hairdressers. It stems from a really bad haircut when i was 16, think bowl and i haven't been to a hairdresser since. I trim & colour my own hair, but i think a restyle is a lil out of my reach! I have vowed to conquer this fear before i turn 25 (only 3 months away)


Sophie - Country girl said...

This is a fab post. Love your outfit :) Your hair is gorgeous, can't believe you do it all yourself. I'm sure your trip to the hairdressers will be fine, don't let it stress you out.
I love lambrini and the price is perfect, lol.
Have a fab weekend hun x

Joanne said...

Thanks for entering and good luck

Sophie - Country girl said...

Hi again Kylie, I tagged you for the Sunshine award on my blog <3