Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Year = New Me (but for how long)

So New Years' Resolutions, how long do they actually last for you? I've not had a great track record with them personally. Last years NYR was to grow my nails. I succeeded. For 3 months and then bit them all off and i've been on every diet under the sun in order to gain a new body and adopt a new lifestyle. I've also suceeded on this too. and failed a few months down the line.

So NYRs for 2012...

  • To get fit enough to run a half marathon
Not just any half marathon but the Norwich Half Marathon in November. A run in which a great friend of mine died recently while participating. He was always trying to get me fit and interested in exercise, something he never quite achieved, until now. He knew that i struggle to run for a bus, so i know he will be proud of me running in a half marathon. I plan on doing this gently, after all i have got 10months to prepare. I'm starting with the Couch To 5k app. I'll do a bit more of a review on this once i've done a bit more.
  • Lose Weight
Now i'm hoping that as i get fitter doing the above, my weight will decrease. Along with the increased exercise i am also eating healthy and making better decisions when it comes to food. I'm using an online website Calorie Count to help count the calories in the foods i am eating, gives me targets and goals each day and rewards me when i meet them. It is an american based website, but has plenty of British food listed so makes it easier to count the flab!
  • Get finances in order
I am probably the worst person in the world to give money too. I am crap at saving, far too many pretty things out there to buy. What i want to achieve this year is to start saving for something bigger, whether it's a house, a baby or a wedding. All those things cost money. Before i can start saving for the bigger picture, i need to start saving for now. My car has blown up (again) so i need to buy a new one...that comes first.

So there are my goals for 2012. Big goals i admit but not unreachable if i put my mind to it. I just need to exercise some control and constraint and saying no to things that i don't really need. Wish me luck! I will be updating about these regulary aswell as going into a bit more detail about why i chose these to do this year.

Have you made any New Years' Resolutions? How are you sticking with them?

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Sophie - Country girl said...

Hi Kylie, good to see you back! Good luck with your resolutions, I'm a big fan of making plans each year, I've made some myself this year and am hoping to make some progress.