Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Is back on the wagon (Food Rant)

How come every time you start a new diet (quite often with me!) that you start fantasising about food ALL the bloody time! It's driving me crazy! It's just because i can't have it, that i want it! I'm not following any specific plan or diet, just eating healthy stuff more but i want chocolate, and a crisp sandwich and chips and pizza and KFC and ARRRGGHHHH everytime i'm not allowed, is that where i am going wrong? banishing all the naughty foods? maybe i should allow myself some treats or maybe the cravings will subside after a while.

I'm putting a motivation picture on to keep me going...

From this...(not actually me!)

To this...(Yeah in my dreams!)

On a brighter not...just sat watching one born every minute, can safely say i won't be having any babies anytime soon!!!!!!! OUCH!




Rachael said...

I totally get like this & even worse, I work for a chocolate company so am surrounded by temptation all day! :-/

Personally I need to cut it out completely...I can't just eat a little of anything!

Stick at it!

Catherine said...

OMG the first bikini picture made me hang my mouth open in disbelief! thanks for that! ;)

you can do it! x

Catherine x