Thursday, 13 January 2011

Not the average staffie owner

Let me introduce Flash Grodon, Also known as Doodle, for some reason that i'm not sure of, He's a 4 year old staffordish bull terrier, that we adopted from my sister 3 years ago. I'm a dog lover by nature, and he is the apple of my eye. I will point out that i am very one sided in this arguement and you can probably guess why!

Staffies get bad press, that i know and it makes me sad! They are the choice of many people, who like them just for their muscular build and fighting background. To look 'hard'. They are branded the 'Yob dog' and they are being dumped in record numbers to rescue homes, They have become a status symbol amongst youngsters (how old do i sound!) yet Staffordshire Bull Terriers can be the perfect family dog. 
Sorry for the rubbish pic, but it's the only one i kind find of him as a puppy!

Extrememly reliable, affectionate and child friendly, they are the perfect addition to any dog loving family. In fact they are one of the 2 breeds in which Kennel Club recommend them for families with children. Bad press have left many people feeling cold about the breed. Yes, they look like little balls of muscle, but they would rather be curled up in front of the fire then fighting.

Flash and the other half

Now don't get me wrong, ANY dog can have moments of aggression, and staffies are the same, coupled with the staffies strength this can lead to serious injuries. There has been numerous stories in the press, reporting that staffies have attacked children but it is more than likely that the newspaper have used a picture of a staffie as the breed is still unknown.

I will say, that even if my arguement is very one-sided, i do appreciate comments and thoughts on this debate, even if your not a fan of the breed or dogs in general.


Even though, all my heart and faith goes into my dog, i would never EVER leave him alone with a child, but i wouldn't leave any dog alone with a child, no matter how friendly or good natured they are.


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