Friday, 21 January 2011

Pretty uninspired and £50 Vouchers

yep, that's right i'm not feeling very inspired at the moment. I'm not enthused about my 'look' at the minute, i'm not feeling very pretty. I feel like i need a update, with a whole new wardrobe, new make up bag and possibly a personality check!

 Work has been a killer this week, so tiring that even typing is causing my head to hurt. I feel like all i've been doing is going to work, dressed in my usual jeans and t.shirt/top comination (i work in a very relaxed school) coming home, cooking tea and going to bed.

SO...i turning my pessimistic self upside down. I have given a good talking too and a massive kick up the bum and i am going to get out of my rut! Starting with a pamper and fake tan session tonight, think candles bubbles, music and nice smellies. Tomorrow i am going to wake up feeling all fresh and pretty and i am going to get dressed into something pretty, do my hair and put some make up on and go SHOPPING! Sunday i am going to pay my very much neglected boyfriend some time, so he can see the not so moody Kylie once again!

On another note...i have £50 worth of vouchers to spend in M&S (thanks sky!) I haven't shopped in M&S since i was about 11 and i got my first bra. I envisage them JUST being for the over 50's. After browsing the website to see what may tempt me, i now know that a)£50 will not get me very far and b)they've got quite a diverse range of clothing to suit all tastes including make up! Here's my pic of the bunch. All pics are courtesy of M&S

(L-R Green double breasted coat £75, Tan brouges £25, Double handle bag £45, Perfect illusions face primer £12, Boat neck dress £45, Butterfly cushion £29.50, LOVE fabric wall art £25,Coloured block jacket £65, Lip and cheek tint £3.)

(Sorry for the rant to start of this post, but hey this is my blog and if i can't rant here where can i? lol thanks for listening to me ramble on and i promise the next post will be a little bit cheerier)

Ta ta for now




T.Rose said...

thanks for following my blog :)

leiladarling said...

Everyone has those days I think! You sound like you're going to have a lovely weekend :) x

kirstyb said...

that bags cute x