Monday, 17 January 2011

What makes me want too..

Follow certain blogs and not others?

Style - Not too fussy, plain even, simple, easy to read, romantic colours

Writing - Eloquent, reads easy, honest

'Genre' - I like a blog that has a bit of everything on there, more lifestyle then keeping to a certain genre. Crafty, interiors, beauty, life, shopping, clothes, honesty, real life, OOTD, NOTD, FOTD, hauls, inspirational posts, posts moaning about day to day life, pets, cushions, jewellery, buisness blogs

Pretty Pictures

Honest reviews

Quirky style

Bonkers behaviour

Alcohol fuelled parties

The latest 'it' product that i could never afford

My favourite blogs at the minute

Hope you find something you like

Oh and sorry for the double post today. The boy is at work, i'm home alone and bored/tired and trying to keep myself awake without actually moving off the sofa

Have you got any favourite blogs? I love discovering a new blog!



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