Friday, 14 January 2011

Sewing Project

I've started a new sewing project!!! YAY i have my sew-jo back! Now me and sewing is a awkward friendship, i like doing it, but it doesn't like me!! but i got a new sewing machine for Christmas and this has relit the urge to have a go at creating something, anything other then felt animals and mario characters! I did a bit of sewing back in college and managed to make a full length ball gown from scratch for a fashion show with lots and lots of help from the textile teacher, but have not made anything on that scale from scratch ever since. I have done lots of reconstructing clothes and re jigging outfits that needed a lift, turning jeans into skirts, baggy shirts into dresses, cushion covers out of t.shirts but never ever something so big, on my own.

So onto the project....

My pattern

New Look 6774 found at Hobbycraft 

The combinations that can be made from the pattern. I chose to do an 'I' bodice, 'L' Skirt and 'J' Midriff

(Will review the pattern once i've got a bit further into the project)


I got it of ebay, but can't find the seller now. Can also be found here

I've wanted a skull and crossbones dress for a while and this fabric is perfect! I got 2 metres 90" Width for about £7! bargain!

Wish me luck guys, i've got a feeling i'm going to need it



D said...

looks difficult, but im sure you'll be able to do it!

KylieDee said...

Thanks hun, will try my best!