Sunday, 16 January 2011

Friends, Fajitas, Vodka, Crappy TV, Guitar Hero & Singstar

Did the 'Coupley' thing last night with the boy and a friend and his GF. You can probably guess what we got upto by the heading. Pretty much sums it up! Have to say it was a great night and so cheap! With the aftermath of christmas hanging over my head, it was the perfect way to socialise without breaking the bank. We cooked, pretty much has all the ingredients in, brought a cheapo bottle of voddy and viola...instant party success!

Anyone else LOVE singstar? or is that just me?

Photo's to follow, when my friend uploads them (my camera is on the blink...well actually it just needs charging but Ssshhh!)

Everyone else have a good saturday night? What you all get upto?

Oh yeah Half past 6 is not a good time to wake up on a Sunday! Stoopid ass dog!!!!!!




Emily Charlotte said...

I love singstar too, even the Disney one as embarrassing as that is! Sounds like you had a lovely night xx

KylieDee said...

oh i've not tried the disney one yet, will have to add it to the collection