Friday, 28 January 2011

A Tan in Jan

Morning All, I've given in and admitted defeat, i am poorly so have had the day of work, not something i normally do, but i feel like i need to recharge my batteries ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow i've got a family party to go too (think super sweet 16 for a 30 year old) I'm really excited for this party, more about getting my glad rags on and having an excuse to pamper myself silly.

So with all this in mind, i've been getting my tan on, with the best product i have used in a long time. I really am excited about this. I've noticed some other bloggers have done reviewed, so i thought i would give my two pennies worth.

St Moriz instant self tanning mousse

That is my arm and not my leg before you question the hair! lol

Firstly i have to rave about the price, i got mine of ebay for £2.80/200ml. You can also purchase these online here This site always has great beauty bargains, but the stock changes regularly so keep checking back.

I went for the mousse variety and thought the application was simple and flawless. I used a soltan mitt to apply and was done in all of about 5minutes, with some help from the boy to do my back. The mousse is tinted so you can see where you've done and where you've forgotten, this is a must for me, otherwise i end up only having half a leg done.

The bottle tells you to leave the tan to set between 4-6hours before showering. The mixture felt slightly sticky to start with but was dry within a few minutes. I could definitely see instant results from the product, which got slightly darker within the first hour of application.

It tells you to reapply again 3-5 days after first application for a darker tan, or between 5-7 days for a medium tan, however the day after doing it i went swimming at work, which was probably not the best idea to keep it looking it's best so i reapplied 2 days after my first application. I am going to apply again later to make it last for tomorrow.

I really did love this product, especially for it's price and the easy application process.

Expect a few more posts from me as the day goes on, i'm already bored of being at home on my own (even with the dog acting as my hot water bottle)

Have a great day all



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kirstyb said...

ha i just used st moritz as i was feeling a lil bit pasty x