Tuesday, 15 March 2011

How too #1 Vinyl Record Bowl

Hey lovelies,

I thought i would kick this week off with a big big apology for my lack of blogging! I admit i am a rubbish blogger. I will stand up at the next bloggers annoymous and admit this :) What i thought i would do, is a weekly tutorial on all things crafty, whether this is turning a t.shirt into a dress or in this weeks case a record into a bowl. These currently RRP for around £20 in HMV but you can make it for pennies. (You can find records in charity shops for well under a pound)

You will need
  •  Oven
  • Record
  • A baking sheet
  • An oven safe tin/pot (i used one for a bundt cake, you can also use rammekins etc) Tip - It doesn't really matter what you use for this bit as long as it is smaller then the record.
  • a cake tin/ saucepan or oven proof dish
Step 1 - Preheat your oven to 200degrees F
Step 2 - (some balancing required) Place the bundt tin (or similar) onto a baking sheet and put the record on top of this

Step 3 - Place the whole lot into the oven and wait for 7 minutes
Tip - Don't open the door! Put if you have a see through glass door like mine, you will see that the record starts to go a little floppy around the edges.

Sorry i could not get this to upload the right way round!

(My attempt of a pic through the oven door!)

Step 4 - Take out the record (it won't be too hot, but i would use oven mitts in case!) Don't turn the oven off just yet, just in case!

Step 5 - pop your record into you saucepan, play with it and mould it into the shape that you want (it will be cool enough to manhandle by now) Press down in the center to deepen your bowl.
Tip - If your record hardens, pop back into the oven for a couple of minutes.

Step 6 - Leave to harden for a couple of minutes in the saucepan and then pull it out.

and viola....The finished product

So i hope you've found this easy enough to follow, if not let me know and i will simplify it. It really is a awesome way to brighten up your coffee table.

Let me know if you attempt this, would love to see the finished product.





dinoprincesschar said...

That bowl has turned out so well - what a great idea, and the kind of thing you would expect to have a huge price tag in large department stores..

KylieDee said...

Thanks lovely, was pretty chuffed with how it did turn out, was really easy too! You should give it a go!

Jade said...

Love the cupcakes! We are from the same neck of the woods I see! Go Norfolk/Norwich!


KylieDee said...

I could never get enough cupcakes in my life! It's not very often i stumble across another nofolkian :) YAY!


manths said...

Oh my god I LOVE this!! I am actually going to go to the charity shop on my way home from work to buy a record!
Got any more great crafty ideas like this? can't wait to see what you'll have us doing next!!! great blog!
Sam xx

Maria said...

This is very cool will definitely be trying this! :D

Maria xxx