Sunday, 20 March 2011

Weekly Roundup #3

Hey lovelies,

Hope you've all had a fab week, i've had a quite relaxed week really. Looking back it does feel like it has been more jam packed then usual.

001 - Cupcakes, got at the Vintage Fair @ Norwich's st Andrews Hall. Really enjoyed myself and had a good old rummage! Flavours - Chocolate, lemon and raspberry, really really yummy
 002 - Childrens watering can, this little beaut is from Asda and was a bargain £2,50. I plan to plant some cute little flowers in it and have it displayed on my kitchen windowsill

 003- Still loving painting my nails. I have gone nail varnish crazy! Currently buying lots of Konad to have a go at, got the polishes and stamper but i am awaiting delivery of a image plate.

 004 - German beer drinking songs - it made me giggle!!

005- i've turned it into this gorgeous awesome! Cost me a grand total of a £1..! Check my last post for a tutorial if you fancy giving it a go

I hope you all have a fab week



ellieand said...

that vinyl bowl is incredible - would make a great gift!
Also have hunger pangs now after seeing those nommy cupcakes. They never get old do they?!

KylieDee said...

Thanks hun, they really are so easy to make! i've got a feeling i'm going to have them scattered EVERYWHERE soon!!
Cupcakes will never get old for me...YUM! it's only recently that i started to like them, and still i can only be tempted to the choccy variety!


giddynici said...

Thanks for following. Am not following you too, your blog looks great, fun and varied.
I am SO getting that little watering can... too cute! x