Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Moo Moo

Evening Peeps!

Excuse the title, it's mine and Darren's new saying, dunno why. How's everyones week going? Mine has been busy, Roll on the weekend, not long to go, not that i will be doing much as Darren is away and i am poor :( not that i'm moaning too much, i will probably just enjoy the time alone.

Currently chomping on haribo, got a little obsession with them at the mo. My favourite ones are the fried eggs, yum yum, what's your favourite?

My magnolia bush is starting to bud and flower. YAY it means spring is on the way.

I started my Foundation course in Singalong yesterday, (think Mr tumble). As most of you know i work in a special school and singalong plays a big part in my working day. Signalong is a form of communication for children and adults with communication difficulties. It's a tad simplier then British sign language, but along the same basis. I'm really excited to take my signing further, and happy to get the piece of paper at the end of the 10 week long course. I think every child, whether they are in mainstream schools or not should be taught a bit of signalong, just imagine the barriers in life that this could reduce!

Shop of the Week

Anyway i'm off work to do. Speak soon.

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