Monday, 28 February 2011

I'll tell you a secret, but shhh & OOTD

Evening lovelies, i've managed to survive the first day back at school after half term, even more impressive i've done it on 5hours sleep. I always worry the night before, even though there's not much to worry about. Anyways enough of the boring, more of the secrets...

Beauty secrets of Kylie Dee

I thought i would share a couple of my beauty secrets, they are pretty simple but effective all the least.

1. Use rizla papers as oil control papers - Can you remember when the oil control papers/wipes were such a big thing (or was this just me?) Anyway i found a cheaper and effective way to remove shine from your face anywhere and anytime. Just wipe over your face and viola prepare to cringe at your oiliness.

2. Always store your face wipes upside down - when stored the traditional all the moisture seeps down to the bottom, leaving the top wipes dry. Turning them upside down ensures that the one you want to use is nice and moist.

3. Use conditioner on your legs when shaving - if you've run out of shaving gel then don't worry! replace it with conditioner, it leaves your legs supersoft afterwards.

4. Hairspray the face - Lightly spray (and i mean lightly, otherwise Hello spots!) the face with hairspray when your make up is complete, helps fix it into place and is also much cheaper on your bank balance then purchasing a separate product.

6. Vaseline the feet - Say what? yep you heard me, if you have new shoes that you know are going to blister and hurt your tooties, slather on the vaseline before you leave the house and viola no blisters for you! I swear by this everytime i buy a new pair of shoes, it doesn't mark or stain your shoes at all. Keep a tin handy in case you need to reapply.

What's your beauty secret? Do any of you already do any of these?

(Well a kinda half hearted rubbish one- but hey who cares!)

I also wanted to show you robot man, i brought him in Manchester last week and am completely smitten with him.

and excuse the crappy picture, it was taken after a long long day at work today but i wanted to show you my new kimono, a bit of a bargain from tesco!


Hope you've all had a lovely day, i'm now off to go soak in a bath filled with lush goodies




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