Saturday, 23 April 2011

64 Zoo Lane *Photo Heavy*

********PHOTO HEAVY!******

Hey twinkles,

Me & the boy hot trotted it over to Colchester Zoo in Essex on Monday, and was maybe the best zoo we have ever been too (Well minus Animal Kingdom but well we're off there again in October) So anyway, i thought i would spam you all of photo's of our day. There was a lot of photo's to choose from, but i think i've narrowed them down to these few.

Snoozing tigers in the sun
A quick kiss with a sealion

Fox! How cute! I wanted to take him home and cuddle him.
LIONS! I love lions and i think that's my Leo shining through. This big old lady lion is called Naja  and she got harassed by the big man lion soon after this photo - she soon told him where to go- my kinda lioness! There is a male lion & 2 females currently living at the zoo.

I got to play with some really friendly goats - i love the petting area of zoos' - feels like i've actually got close to the animals.

Possibly the cheekiest monkey around - he was sunbathing human style!

I sat and watched a gifraffe eat and it fascinated me - yep i'm that sad, it's cute how they have to spread their legs to reach the ground.

Possibly my favourite animal of all - Jojo the Sun Bear. He was rescued aged 6months from Cambodia, where a local bar owner was keeping him to entertain the customers. The Sun Bears at Colchester Zoo are the first of their kind to be housed in the UK in over 30 years, and are currently on loan to the zoo.

If you want to visit Colchester Zoo - Check out opening times & admission rates here or if you want to know what conservation projects they are doing, have a look here

Seriously one of the best days out we have had in ages!

Have you ever  been to Colchester Zoo? What's your favourite day out?


Tina Marie said...

I love zoos! It looks like you had a blast!! The fox was adorable :)

Sophie - Country girl said...

Some lovely pictures from your trip. We went to Colchester Zoo a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Loved the sunbathing monkey, so sweet! Glad you had a fab time!