Friday, 22 April 2011

Dream wedding...I wish upon the stars

Day 10 - Your dream wedding

Now everyone who knows me, knows that i am biding my time before i can get married, i love the thought of getting married and everything it stands for. I know this is not every ones cup of tea but for me, it's all I've ever dreamt about.

I would love a traditional church wedding with only my closest friends & family present. I stumbled upon this image on google & although it's gone a bit blurry where i've enlarged it, it is just perfect!

Followed by a bbq on the beach! I would invite all my friends & family to this. I would keep this part of the wedding very low key but i would love a beach front villa, lots of fairy lights & a band playing right on the sand. Unfortunately i can't see that ever happening

I love this dress, but i've got no idea whether it would look good on me or not, but i love the style and the fact it's not too overtly fussy.

Failing all that...a registry office & a buffet will do :)

Now all i need is a ring on my finger!
(Hint Hint MR KD)

Are you getting married? Would you like too? What's your dream wedding?




Pippa said...

I love that you have written a post like this :) I am only 19, been with my boy for over two years and after two other failed relationships, I cant imagine anything better then spending my life with my slightly less mature other half even if he is older than me. I am obsessed with everything to do with marriage but i happily keep it all to myself because i know how much it scares him.
My parents got married young and if thats how i end up then im totally fine with it :)

I go to uni at UEA, small world :) <3

Sophie - Country girl said...

My wedding was an absolute dream, although I never imagined I'd get married. I loved reading this post :)