Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Laying on the beach somewhere in the med

Well i wish i was...but unfortunately not! I have been loving the English weather recently though, I've well and truely embraced the british tradition of showing skin, wearing flip flops and sunglasses everytime i leave the house!

I've been out in the garden this morning and have transformed my garden from overgrown jungle to surbarbun paradise complete with strawberry plants! All with the help of my daddy! I personally don't have a clue about gardening and need all the help i can get!

So anyway, i painted my nails last night

NOTD - Mediterranean Olive

I got this from poundland, for guess what...£1 It's a really shimmery/metallic browny green colour that goes on really well. It only took 2 thin coats to get full coverage, the bit that sucks is that it took forever and a day to dry! Yawn fest!

mourn the loss of 2 nails :(
look it matches my cushion

Have you ever tried any of poundland varnishes? What to you think?




Sarah said...

Eesh, that looks pretty good! If its taking forever to dry, try running it under the cold water tap!

I'm following now btw! http://fridayisforever.blogspot.com/

Sophie - Country girl said...

I do love the colour but I have no patience for slow drying varnish. Thanks for following, now following back. Great to bump into local blogs :D