Saturday, 2 April 2011

Ohh La La

2 posts in 2 days, you lucky bloggettes!! Thought i would share my Friday work outfit with you all, it's a little simple, but hey it was for work. What i am really trying to do here is waste as much time before i head to the gym, i really need to go but i have no motivation! Grrr

Good news is that the boy finishes work today at 2pm and doesn't have to be in again til Monday, hoping it will give us some much needed time together. Anyone got any cheap suggestions of what we can do?

Ohh La La Top - F&F
Denim Shirt - George
Treggings - M&S

      You all may notice my love of supermarket brands, and this is because they always have a great selection of plus sizes, i'm guarenteed that something will fit, which is not always the case of the high street.

Well anyway i'm of to banish that cupcake belly at the gym, ooohhh before maybe baking and filling it again. YUM

KD xx

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Sarah said...

I love clothes from the supermarkets, feels almost cheeky :D