Thursday, 21 April 2011

what a beautiful day, i'm not scared...Day 9

Good morning lovelies,

I am loving my easter break and so don't want to go back to work ever again, well not until the sun goes away anyway i've been enjoying the beautiful weather over the last few days and i am left with some very questionable tan lines, my plan for today is to get out in the garden and tan a little more evenly (using suncream of course)

I've been going a little ebay crazy at the mo, will show you my purchases when they arrive, i think my dress count from there was 6 in one day...whoops!

Day 9 - A photograph of what's in your fridge

Answer - A lot of goodies! It's not usually this stocked full of treats and naughty stuff, but the other half went on a chocolate run last night and came back with all this! If you look really closely you can see the hint of some healthy stuff - mushrooms, pots & tomatoes! As well as a couple of bottles of wine (just cropped of the pic) and some cans of strongbow!

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Sophie - Country girl said...

oh, I'd love to raid your fridge! Ours is either empty or full but never contains much in the way of goodies.
congrats on your award. Have a great weekend!