Thursday, 21 April 2011

Ahoy There Sailor - Nautical Overload!

Hey lovelies, I found this lurking in my blog post & it never got published. So today you get 2 posts in a row :)

Excuse the expression on the old face, the hair was attacking my face!

 I've realised that i never tend to show you my shoes in posts, mainly due to not having a tripod and being able to do full length shots is beyond me & my photographic abilty, i think my outfit matchings my toenails beautifully!

Cardi - George, Top - TU, Trousers - George, Belt - TU, Hair bow -Primark, Flip Flops - Haviananas

1 comment:

Sophie - Country girl said...

super nautical look. the bows are so sweet x
Have a great weekend!