Sunday, 1 May 2011

Day 16 - My Best Friends

Day 16 - A picture of your best friend
This was really hard to choose a picture for, i don't just have 1 best friend, i have a group of best friends and even now i've missed a couple of them off. You may notice they're aren't many girls in these pictures, i get on really well with boys and the girls i do count as best friends, mean the world to me. I met most of these people either through school or down the local pub and have known most of them for a very long time. When you live in a tiny rural village like me, you tend to get to know the people in the village too. I love all these guys in there own special way and they have been a fab bunch of mates to me over the years.

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Sophie - Country girl said...

lovely pics Kylie Dee :) such a great bunch of friends. you're lucky!