Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Weekly Round Up #6

Hey chica's,
Hope you've all had a fab bank holiday weekend.
Mine as consisted of:
Karaoke*Royal Wedding*Roast dinner*Baking*Time with the boy*Dog walking*Supermarket shopping*Taxi rides*Falling over*cocktails*pimms*cheese toasties*

I came home to find these on my door step, One of my neighbours (or indeed the stork) must of dropped them off, how kind! I've never spoken to them before, so this really touched me (also a little creeped out as they obviously know only 2 people live here, stalker?)
Fudge & seaside rock from my parents & lil bro from there little holiday.

My 'Slut Pig' Mug came! I couldn't resist buying this, i can't wait to drink tea from it. Can be found at http://www.spottybutton.co.uk/
My folks had brought a caravan at butlins at the beginning of the week, so i was going to tell you about me and my friends impending trip there this weekend, however the owner of the caravan called to say that she sold it to someone else (i know, bitch!), even though offer had been accepted and deposits paid. Safe to say we are all disappointed. Think the owner may regret doing this to my mum (she is a bit of a battleaxe bless her) as she has now started legal action against her for breach of contract. whoops on the owners point!
A sneak preview of a post to come shortly, it involved drinking 'pot tails' yes cocktails in a tea pot!

What did you all get upto this weekend?


Tina Marie said...

You got an award! Check my blog!


Sophie - Country girl said...

sweet cakes! That just plain sucks about the caravan, that seller was in the WRONG. No doubt.

daisychain said...

cakes and fudge...LOVE

Jasmin said...

oh those cakes look so yummy and i am loving the pot tails! brilliant! might have to try them out haha x