Saturday, 7 May 2011

Day 17 - Favourite TV Shows

Hiya twinkles, how are you all? Exciting week? I no for me, it has felt like a very very long week, god knows how i am going to survive a full 5 day week next week, urgh! So my weekend involves spending some quality time with the boy, he's cancelled his plans of paintballing this weekend, which was thoughtful of him, so we can spend some time together before he departs for the week on Monday. He's only off visiting family in Manchester, but still, i'll miss him lol

(Apologies of the blurry pics, laziness on my part. All found on google)

Day 16 - Favourite TV Shows

90210/friends/hellcats/ugly betty/glee

My boyfriend describes the TV i watch as Trash and i do actually agree with him. The tackier the better. I love reality tv, such as gypsy weddings, one born every minute, the hotel.

The tv i watch, depends on what i've got recorded and what is on at the moment. I tend to record Hollyoaks, no matter how ridiculous it gets. Although, that is the only 'soap' i watch. I will go through phases of watching Eastenders, but right now i haven't got a clue what is going on.

Other tv shows include reruns, I loved secret diary of a call girl, lost & ugly betty! Will i be the only one to miss Big Brother this year? Although i have heard channel 5 are possibly taking it on, starting in august?

What are you favourite TV shows?


Rachel said...

90201 is amazing, but Hellcats is getting so exciting, right?!

Gem said...

haha I love Hellcats, I thought I was the only person watching it. Nobody ever talks about it. Gilmore Girls and Buffy are my all time faves

Temporary:Secretary said...

I am a trash tv maniac! x

Eugenia said...

Love 90210!! the new and old one.. and also a lot of shows on CW!

cheyenne davide. said...

love ugly betty :D xxx

Sophie - Country girl said...

friends, what a classic!
I also loved BB. I don't like to admit too often!