Thursday, 5 May 2011

Tampax Night 2011

Apologies for the title, a bit gruesome, private joke between me & my girlies.

Hiyas and all that, how are you all? Good? Hope so! I am, work as completely knocked me for six this week. I hereby declare that all weekends should consist of 4 days, wouldn't that be nice?

So i went and played in the good old city of NARRRWICH (Norwich) Saturday night, a new karaoke place as just opened called GoGo's. It's part of the Project Nightclub, I brought a group package on group on for a private booth and cocktails. Good news is that i brought 2! Now karaoke is not normally my thing, especially not in public places (singstar..yes) but with a few cocktails down my neck i was the new Mariah Carey!
 (What i wore- Dress-H&M, Cardigan - George, Tights/Jewellery/bag - Primark, Belt - New Look, Shoes - Evans)

 3am and still going strong!
I had to show you my eyelashes, 10 pairs off ebay for 99p! I brought these ages a go but haven't had a chance to wear them. So easy to apply, love them!

Best thing about the night was definitely being in a private booth most of the time, no one sees you fall over!
Have you got a place like this near you? YAY or NAY? Would you go?

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Sophie - Country girl said...

woooo nice one! I'm not brave enough to do karaoke. really love the colour of your dress!