Monday, 17 January 2011

What's in my bag? Everything but the kitchen sink!

So after bumbling through blogs recently, i saw that this post is something done quite often and i love them! I am such a nosey person that i love finding out stuff like this.

So here's mine, it's hectic, bizarre and boring!

L-R Tablets, swipe card, Cute paperchase diary, Butterfly stickers, Guess purse, make up,
 phone, ipod, ghd mini hairbrush, mag, trashy chick lit, camera, hairband, keys and a lighter

What actually goes in there varies from day to day, but this is todays. Note the lack of make up! I don't reapply during the day, there's no need, i work with children!

Always always have my camera in there, love random snaps.

And what it all came out of...

Guess saddlebag, it's huge!!!!

Flash getting in on the action...

On another just took me 30 minutes to cook 'pasta n sauce' in the microwave, why? it was only on bloody defrost! Grrrrr

Is your bag in such a mess as mine?