Sunday, 27 February 2011

New Feature? Weekly Round up

Hey Lovelies, How have you all been keeping?

Well i'm thinking of doing a bit of a weekly feature, What do you all think? I love reading other bloggers weekly round ups, so thought i would have a weekly round up inspired post, Not sure which day it will be on, would like to keep it the same day each week, so will see how it goes i suppose.
So my week this week...

1. Lots of shopping in Manchester, Namely Afflecks Palace (Which i love!) Arndale Center and Selfridges

2. After having a fab few days in Manc land, we had a not so great journey home. Hank the Tank (my car) decided that he didn't need an exhaust anymore and decided to dump it! A little while later we were carrying on with our journey on the back of a recovery truck, URGH cold, hard, uncomfy and Bleugh. A journey i do on a regular basis and usually only takes 4hours took 7 FRIGGIN HOURS. I was glad to be home, thats not sure.

3. Cupcakes, yes more! But more importantly, my new cupcake stand. The boy got it me from Paperchase as it was love at first sight, so therefore i had to bake cupcakes to put on them. (Double choc in case you were wondering, oh and check out my Emma Bridgewater tea, coffee and sugar canistars in the background, bargain price of £2 each from my local QD store)

4. Trying to grow herbs from seed, i've never tried before so we shall see how that one goes! They're currently 2 for a fiver in tesco.

5. My new coffee table. £15 from Ikea...BARGAIN! We've been using an old tv stand as a subsitute coffee table since we moved in to the new house in November, so whilst in manchester, we had a little trip to Ikea, me and Ikea is still quite a new discovery, owing to the fact our nearest one is a 3hr drive away, but if you look around my house now you would think i was a little bit of an Ikea freak (which i probably am) Hey no one else has stuff from Ikea where we live, so it's still cool!

6. Gig Going - Went and saw my friends band The Guzzards. Check them out here Awesome drunk night had by all.

7. and finally EBAY - I've gone on a massive ebay listing effort since it's been free listing this weekend. I haven't sold anything on there for a long time. Once upon a time back in the land of shop owning, i used to make just about all my money on there but alas, i've revived my love for ebay.

If you fancy having a peek...heres the link KYLIE7846

Have a fab week guys and gals




corsets, crafts and cupcakes said...

hi :)

I love that cupcake stand, your other half obviously has fabulous taste!
good luck with the seed growing too, i *attempt* this every year, keep us posted on how you get on :)

really nice post :) x

Adrienne said...

hey :) thanks i'll have to check that out i never actually go in m&s and my younger brother works there haha! The cupcake stand is so cute and what is aflecks I hear so much about it but being a weegie i've never ventured down x

KylieDee said...

@ Corest, crafts and cupcakes (3 of my most favouritist things in the whole wide world!!) Isn't it lovely, was so chuffed when he got it for me. I always tend to buy the ready grown herbs in tubs and precede to kill them, maybe growing them myself will mean i will look after them :)
@Adrienne I never thought to look for make up there before (i always thought it was just full of grannified clothing and nice bras) Afflecks is like a massive indoor market (it's got 4/5 floors)full of mainly retro, vintage and alternative stuff and gorgeous cupcakes, always great for something a little different and cheap!


Jessie said...

Looks like a great week! I want a cupcake!!