Friday, 22 April 2011

Facts about me

I thought i would share some random facts about myself, some you might have heard before, others hopefully will be completely new. I love finding out about the people behind the blogs, who they are and what makes them tick - makes the whole blogging experience a little more personal in my eyes.

  • I'm originally from Nottinghamshire, Mansfield Woodhouse to be exact but moved to Norfolk when i was 10.
  • I am 24, 25 in July & a Leo
  • I am a fully fledged Football Association (FA) Qualified football coach
  • I used to own a shop called Acorns, which sold baby & children's clothing
  • I lived in Manchester for a summer, so i could see the boy more
  • I have 3 brothers & 3 sisters - 4 of which are fostered by my parents but have been with us for the last 8 years
  • I adopted my doggy flash of my sister when he was 1.
  • Me & the boy first starting to chat on myspace 5 years ago about music & our first date was at alton towers (where we were accompanied by 10 of my closest friends)
  • I can't sing, which annoys the hell out of me.
  • My sister was born with 6 fingers & 6 toes on each hand on foot and was featured in the sun newspaper
  • I am 5ft 11 & a 36inch inside leg, which means buying trousers is a pain in the arse.
  • I haven't had my hair cut since i was 16 because i'm scared of hairdressers.
  • I hated Uni, but loved the student loans!
  • I've been abroad on holiday over 40 times since i was 7 but i haven't been abroad for 3 years but
  • I am off to florida again thanks to the parents in October
  • I want to get married and have babies
  • My car cost me £300 of ebay 2 years a go and is still running
  • I am getting more & more fluent in sign language everyday thanks to my job
  • I have over 3000 feedback on one of my ebay accounts


Sophie - Country girl said...

Great facts, your car was a real bargain! I am so jealous of your height, wow 5'11"!

cornflakegirl said...

Love your facts. The fact that I can't sing annoys me greatly too. It doesn't stop me singing away to myself though, hehe.